The iLog Environment

The main section has a header bar containing the date retrieval and analysis functions as well as other features.


For any of the functions listed in the first column, start by choosing either a day, week, range of dates, or year.  The blue pointer will indicate your current date selection type.  Each of these functions can then be performed on your selected dates.


Function Details


Use this to retrieve the training logs for the selected dates and display the totals for the selected dates and year.

This charts the breakdown of specific vs non-specific training.  See here for more details. Chart Specific

This charts your time and intensity spend doing each of the different training activities.  See here for more details: Chart Activity

This charts an overlay of all Ruskos over the given period.  See here for more info: Chart Ruskos

 The download functions retrieve all your training data in a tab delimited file which can be opened in Excel or any spreadsheet program.  This is useful if you want to further analyze your data.

This button is used if you want to switch between years.  The upper date selection boxes only show the dates for the current year, so to view logs in other seasons, you must switch years.  If you are running one of the charting functions on an entire year, you do not have to switch years, you can simply choose the year from the drop down and click Year Chart, Chart Specific, Chart Activity, Chart Ruskos, or Download.


The Other Options column of functions perform the following actions:

Shows a chart of your training broken down by week and training intensity. See here for info on the Year Chart.

Charts the yearly progress of hours.  See here for more details: Year Overlay Chart

Simply hides the upper header bar so that you can print whatever you are looking at without the upper bar in the way.  After printing click to display the header bar again.

Takes you to the Account Options section where you can configure and customize your account settings.

Opens this online help window.

Logs you out of iLog and returns you to