The Daily Log

Each day is represented by a log as seen above.  You enter your training data by entering each workout component, specifying the Hrs, Zone4, Activity Type, and time.  You can add as many workout components as you need by clicking the button.  You can completely customize your workouts by adding Zones, Types, and Times in your Options Section.  The extra log values allow you to store more information about each training day.  In your options section you can add, remove, and edit extra values so you can store whatever information you want.

     When entering training times there are many different formats that you can use.  The following chart lists several examples of acceptable time entry formats and their equivalents.

Standard Time



0:45 or just :45



Decimal Time



0.75 or just .75










Note: when entering a single number such as 5 or 15, anything less than 10 is considered hours and anything more is calculated as minutes.  So if you need to enter 5 minutes of training simply add a "m" after the number to indicate that it is minutes.  But if you did an hour of training you can simply enter the number 1.  As you enter training hours, the daily Total and TI (Training Index - see Glossary) are automatically calculated.  


The Diff and Feel rating scales are a quantitative measure of how you are feeling and how difficult you perceived the day.  The button will bring up the Enter Rusko pop up window where you can easily enter your daily Rusko.  See here for a detailed explanation of the Rusko Test.  When you save a Rusko is will calculate a Recovery Index value and display it in the Rusko box and RI.  You can also use this box to store morning HR or any other text that you wish.


Extra Log Values can be summarized by totalling or averaging their values and charted overtop the Year Chart providing a useful analysis of training vs extra values like feeling, and difficulty.


You must click to save any training data.