Options - Log Values

You can further customize your logs by adding, editing, and removing Log Values.  Each Log Value can be assigned a type (Number, Time, 1-10 List) which affects how the data is entered, stored, and displayed.  You can also specify how the data should be analyzed as iLog can either summarize the values by taking the average value or for totalling the value.  You can also optionally select to display these values on the year chart.  So for example, you could add a new Log Value for Mood with the type of 1-10 List and selecting to have the weekly Average values charted on the year chart.  The values of RI and TI have pre-set Types and cannot be deleted or changed (although they can be hidden).  As with the other customizable options, you can move the Log Values up and down to specify the order (left to right) as they should appear on your logs.  You can also remove (or hide) times if you no longer wish to use them.