Training Years determine the start or each new year and devides your logs into annual blocks for charting and analysis purposes. The Start Dates act like markers in your logs to determine the start of each new year.
Add years to your training logs by selecting a start date and clicking ADD.
Add New Year
Day: Month: Year:
Year Color (Overlay Chart)

Year Start Date Colour Functions
Year 1: Mon, Apr 22, 2002   
Year 2: Mon, Apr 21, 2003   
Year 3: Mon, Apr 19, 2004   
Year 4: Mon, Apr 18, 2005   
(Note: If you set your year to start on a Monday, your weeks will run Monday to Sunday. If your year starts on a Wednesday your weeks will run Wednesday to Tuesday, etc.)
(Note: Deleting a year does not delete any logs, it only deletes that start date from your list of years. You can always add the date back in and everything will be back to normal.)